At Second Spring, we started with a simple vision: to create a small, organic farm and CSA that could provide Asheville and the surrounding area with fresh produce throughout the year. Not just the typical growing season of June-October, but every month of the year.

We wanted to do this with a minimal input of fossil fuels, and we wanted to stay small so that we could keep a one-on-one relationship with all of our customers and CSA members. We also wanted to make sure that our food was both grown by hand and affordable for people with low-to-middle incomes.

To accomplish all of this, we:

  • Grow primarily in unheated hoop houses to extend our growing season throughout the year, enabling us to minimize fossil fuel consumption and growing costs
  • Use intensive plant spacings that allow us to grow and harvest all of our food with hand tools, rather than relying on a traditional tractor
  • Do most of the work ourselves, with the assistance of part-time employees (paid a living wage) and interns
  • Utilize every bit of available growing space, raise our own food animals, and live minimalistic lifestyles so as to reduce our costs and make our produce affordable to our customers

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Where to find us

Come see us at the Asheville City Market, and enjoy our produce at Ambrozia Bar+Bistro, Cucina 24 and Table.


Find us on Facebook, email us at info@secondspringfarm.com, or sign up for our newsletter below:

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